Welcome to Body Temple

"An ecstatic extravaganza." - The Village Voice

From Shaman to Showman.
From Ancestral Drums to Electronic Beats.
From telling stories around the Fire to the Performing Arts.

There was a time when our ancestors viewed life as a complete circle. No separation between humans and nature existed. They knew that the magical and living worlds were one. They gave thanks by dancing and singing through the night to the creator and the mystery of life. They would listen to Shamans speak wondrous tales of communicating with the primal forces of existence. They would become intoxicated with the entrancement of the Drum, Dance, Song and Fire. Thus the formation of Body Temple, a group of men and women whose goal is to break down the separation between Creativity, Nightlife and Connection to the Divine and Nature.

Body Temple began in July 2002. Body Temple is a 21st century hybrid performance troupe where the DJ is part of the cast. We unite past,present and future. Body Temple has produced events in such venues as the Lunatarium, the Foundry, Brooklyn Lyceum, Estate, Atmananda Center, Spirit New York, Grand Space, Space 515 and Burning Man DeCom in NYC.

Our roots are inspired by the Ancient Mystery plays, The Living Theatre and Happenings of the 60's, the DIY mindset of Punk, Esalen Institute and festivals like Burning Man.

Body Temple is a spiritual opera, a tantric circus, a performing mystery school, and a shamanic journey. The entire night is to be experienced as a journey with beginning, middle and end. We guide participants through a celebration of the wisdom of ancestors and the creative spirit of today. Throughout the night we incorporate a wide array of Live and Electronic Global Trance music, as well as presenting teachings such as Shamanic TranceDance.

Come be ravished by the Mythical Beat inside the Heat of Body Temple.

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